Meet Our Founders & Lead Pastors Stacy, Elsie & the Weavers

Stacy was raised in the small rural community in Illinois where everybody knew everyone. Growing up, Stacy faithfully attended the local Assemble of God Church with his family.  At the age of 14, while attending church camp, he ask Jesus to be the Lord of his life and he was filled with the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. 

Shortly after camp, he ran from God and his calling for a season.  At the age of 21, he rededicated his life to the Lord, got re-baptized in water.  Every since that day, he has remained faithful to God and church.

Stacy accepted the call to Pastoral ministry has received his Associates Degree from Southwest Bible College. 

Stacy loves to spends time with his family, studying God's word, and loves engaging with new people and ministering to them.    

Elsie was born and raised in a small rural community in Illinois.  She was not raised in a Christian family or church.  As a result, she would only be able to go to church occasionally.  The times that she could go would be when she could find a ride or go with her friends.

At 16 years old in a history class, upon completing a test on religions, Elsie ask her friend next to her in the class,"What are the gospels in the Bible?"  Her friend took this opportunity to share Jesus with Elsie.  Her friend invited Elsie to a church student function and then to church that Sunday morning.  It was her first time to encounter the fullness of God, Pentecostal worship, and the exciting atmosphere of the freedom expressed.  

It was that moment she realize that something was missing in her life.  She remained in church yet, hesitant about totally surrendering her life to Jesus.  Eventually, her best friends sister led her to surrendering her heart to the Lord.  She was saved in 1992, filled with Baptism of the Spirit in 1993, and was baptized in water in 1995.

Elsie loves sewing, embroidery, crafts, loves spending time with her family and 2 cats.

Stacy and Elsie met at Potter’s House Ministries in Newton, Illinois.  They dated and was married in less than a year.  They now have three lovely children:

 Kyle age 19, Sierra age 13 and Jayla is 11.

Kyle loves video gaming, watching movies, loves God, and being with his family.

Sierra loves reading, drawing, playing the piano and flute.  She plays flute in her school band. She loves God and being with her family.

Jayla loves video games, drawing, having fun and enjoying life.  She loves playing pranks her brother and sister.

Their hearts and passion is to inspire, encourage, empower, and train up others in biblical truths, while inviting them to have a deeper and stronger walk with Christ.  Our desire for Safe Harbor Church would be a place where authentic relationships are nurtured and individuals are given the opportunity to worship God and seek intimacy with Him.